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Transformational Education from the lens of Design-Based Research (Unit Description)

This concluding unit focuses on providing an opportunity for the participants to undertake a critical reflective introspection of their Transformational Action Plans. The reflective introspection is guided by the principles of design-based research. In this unit, the participants will be guided to conduct retrospective analysis of their Transformational Action Plans (TAP). This will be undertaken by carefully undertaking an introspection of the planning, implementation and evaluation of their respective TAPs.

Required Readings:

Kennedy, M. M. (1997). The Connection between Research and PracticeEducational Researcher, 4-12.

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Suggested Readings:

Brookfield, S. (1995). The getting of wisdom: What critically reflective teaching is and why it’s important. Becoming a critically reflective teacher (pp. 1-28). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Diez, M. (1994, Oct 6). The Portfolio: Sonnet, Mirror and Map. Paper presented at the Conference on Linking Liberal Arts and Teacher Education: Encouraging Reflection through Portfolios San Diego, CA.

Assessment Task:

For the Transformational Education from the lens of Design-Based Research Unit, participants are provided an opportunity to undertake a critical reflection on their learning experience whilst undertaking CESL. The concrete outputs for this unit are the creation of a Critical Reflective Portfolio and an oral presentation that answers the following question: What insights have I discovered as I planned, implemented and evaluated my Transformational Action Plan?

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